Posted by: yogavet | December 10, 2004

aaah, done

Such a relief to have that over with.

And, I don’t think I bombed the exam. I definitely didn’t ace it, but I didn’t really care to. So, it’s over, and I think I passed, and life is ROSY. (To quote Professor Golger from good ‘ol BU – he’s a crazy dude. “All of chemistry is like cheese and bread!” aaaah good times…)

So I managed to accomplish nothing tonight. Well, not nothing: I did write out some christmas cards, and slept, and watched mucho Friends and the Replacements. Oh, and I got a christmas present for my sister! 😛 And she’d better like it! hehe. So not a totally wasted afternoon.

The next four days are going to be non-stop anatomy. But, I’m okay with that. I actually like anatomy, as opposed to biochem. Living in the anatomy lab doesn’t totally thrill me, but I feel like if I study hard for anatomy, it will pay off, and it will be useful, and I’ll do well. Unlike biochem, where I spend hours memorizing things that I’ll never need to know again, or if I ever do, are easily look-up-able. And then I can’t remember half the stuff on the exam, cause who can remember 90 bazillion enzyme pathways? blah. I mean, the basics are certainly important, and it’s really good to know the overall picture. But all the nitty gritty details drive me crazy. Who can remember whether PFK2 is phosphorylated by glucagon or insulin, and where the phosphorylation goes, and what the result is?? And so on. But, now I will forever remember that allopurinol can be used to treat gout… too bad only primates get gout… but if I’m ever called to treat a GORILLA at the ZOO with an aching big toe I’ll know exactly what to do! That’s my biggest pet peeve about biochem… all the profs are PhDs who mostly work on human diseases. Which makes sense, because not a lot of people will pay for research to figure out animal specific diseases. So we get a lot of: “In primates, this is the case”… “primates” being code for “we’ve only ever studied this in humans, so it’d probably be the same in a chimp? other than that, who the hell knows” I guess that’s just biochem as a field, though – more research just needs to be done on the animal diseases. So get out your wallets, people… haha, right.

Anyway, time for sleep, tomorrow is a very full day of anatomy, followed by a very full weekend of anatomy… whee!


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