Posted by: yogavet | December 5, 2004


Ouch! I hurt! I took a power yoga class today with Laura (one of the roomies), and it wiped me out. It was awesome, though, I haven’t sweat that much since volleyball tryouts, I don’t think. It was a 90 minute class – 20 minutes in I was looking at the clock going “no WAY can I keep this up until 11…” but I did! And I only fell over a couple times :-p I was impressed though, I did okay even though I’ve never been to a class (I’d done it on my own, just never structured… except in Advanced Acting class). I’m out of shape, of course, but at least I knew most of the poses, or at least in theory… Advanced Acting really paid off, thanks Z. 🙂 I even got into a pose that I’d seen before and tried but never ever thought I could do – the “Tree” pose, where you’re standing with one foot way up on the opposite thigh, and you’re hands are above your head. I was sort of amazed at myself, hehe. So now everything hurts, but it’s a good hurt. I want to keep going, but these next two weeks might be tough. Definitely next semester, though, and maybe I can sneak in a few evenings or weekends before I go home. The weirdest part that hurts is my jaw… I have a tendency to clench it anyway, and I must have been during some of the tougher poses, because it KILLS. Yoga’s supposed to be relaxing, I need to stop that :-p

So, back to studying. I’ve managed to fill the day with procrastination… I did my laundry, I made mashed potatoes, I cleaned the kitchen and the living room… Now that everything’s clean and cooked, I have no choice but to keep studying. Blah. Ah well. Less than two weeks… just 12 days… then I’m DONE! (haha, at least, for another two weeks… blech.)


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