Posted by: yogavet | December 4, 2004

Tis the season…

Oh boy, finals.

So I just have to get through the next two weeks. Just two weeks. I can do that. I just have to also get through the 5 exams that will come in those two weeks. Wheee….

We had our third biochem exam yesterday – whew. I was looking forward to finally having some multiple choice, since the last two biochem exams have been essentially short answer/essay style. I thought I liked multiple choice exams, but it turns out what they meant by “multiple choice” was really true-false…. it was one of those “Which of the following [insert random biochem here]? Pick any or all that apply.” We had 57 of those, which translated to 264 possibilies… all of which had to be carefully considered, circled or no. And that was only part of the exam! Ooof. It was not fun, and I should’ve studied more for it, and I should’ve gotten more sleep the night before (like, more than 3 hours…) And to make things MORE fun, the final for biochem is thursday. And it’s cumulative. And it’s worth at least 40%, if not 60% (depending on how I did on friday…) So, Biochem is not making me happy.

But at least I’ve been having fun for the past 27 hours or so. 🙂 The SCAVMA (that’s the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association… yep, a mouthful, that’s why we say “SCAVMA” instead) auction was last night, it was super fun. Flea Club sang, and we did alright, and people liked it, and laughed, and all was merry. And there was much money flying around, and much beer was drunk (but not by me, I would’ve fallen asleep on my face), and it was overall really fun. The first woman to graduate Penn Vet was there – she’s awesome! She comes to EVERY fundraiser for the school, apparently, she’s always around, she has an office at the school and everything. But man, she can bid! She’s ruthless when she wants something! :-p There was a huge basket (like, laundry basket sized, it was impressive) of home-made baked goods for auction, some vet student had spent $100 and two days making all these goodies. This woman helped drive the price up to over $300 for it, ended up buying it for $350, then she donated it back to the school so they could have a bake sale and raise even more money. It was incredible.

This morning I went out to New Bolton for a large animal palpation day for anatomy. I just love New Bolton 🙂 I did manage to get us going in the COMPLETE opposite direction (I took 95N instead of 95S, traveled for like 20 miles before I realized that hmm, I don’t see the exit… woops! yeah, go me) so, we were late. But it was okay, I felt lots of cool things on horses, finally making sense of some of these anatomical landmarks. Then we went to the dairy barn and played with some cows, I tried a rectal again… still only found the cervix. Ah well. Then managed to miss an exit on the way home as well… batting 1000 as far as driving goes. But it was still really fun. I think they should move the entire school out to New Bolton. Haha. I don’t think I’d get much support for that idea.

This afternoon we took advantage of the sunshine and hiked the Wissahicken for an hour or so. It’s getting to be not quite as pretty as it had been in early fall, but it’s still so nice to get out and walk around in the woods and the fresh air.

So now I’m recharged with all the large animal/fresh air energy 🙂 I think I’m gonna read some anatomy and try to get some concepts straight in my brain… this practical is coming up way too quick.

On an amusing note, we have a new kitten in the house. He belongs one of my two roommates – he used to be a barn cat at her parent’s house, but he broke his leg and had to have it amputated, so he needed to live inside. Their son who’s still at home is allergic, so he (the cat, not the son) came to live with us. He’s 6 months old, has two different colored eyes (one blue, one yellow-brown), he’s all white and he’s deaf. And now he has three legs. :-p He’s super cute, and really lovable, and playful. Felix is sort of getting used to him, but their having some miscommunications on account of Skippy’s (cruel name, I know, but funny!) deafness. So Felix will sit there and growl at him to try to keep him away (cause Felix is afraid of anything that moves…) and Skippy continues to try to play. But I think as Felix realizes that this cat poses NO threat whatsoever, he’ll calm down. In the meantime, Skippy runs around like a LUNATIC (even down one leg, he’s a little dickins), pulling down our tiny christmas tree, sticking his nose into the rat cage (which resulted on him getting nipped on the nose, which then caused him to flip over backwards, since jumping back doesn’t work well when you’ve only got one back leg), and generally making a ruckus. Tonight I went to go take a shower, and he was in the tub. So I took him out, but he still wanted to stay in the bathroom. So I let him, I figured I could reach the door and let him out if he decided he wanted to leave. The entire time, he sat on the edge of the tub, looking in at the water falling. I was almost out, when I heard a crash and felt a shampoo bottle hit my foot… he’d fallen in! He was soaking wet :-p He wasn’t even that upset, though – by the time I’d turned off the water he was already sticking his nose back in to check it out. Strange, silly cat. They’re so fun.

Oh and have I mentioned that I love Christmas? Honestly, thanksgiving to christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Too bad schools have to mess them up with finals. Did you know that Thanksgiving used to be a week later, but FDR moved it back to extend the christmas season? He did it for the retailers, but really I think I enjoy it 🙂 I always think christmas is over too soon. People who work in retail may disagree with me :-p

Alright, I really need to go get some studying done, this post turned into a monster and I didn’t really mean to write much. Time for quality time with Dyce (aka massive anatomy text…)

Just a candle in the window,
A flame against the night.
Just a candle in the window,
It’s like God’s perfect light.
And it don’t take a lot of money
Oh, to know what riches are.
Just a candle in the window,
And Christmas in your heart.


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