Posted by: yogavet | November 9, 2004

a lot can happen in a week…

Seems like a long time since I’ve updated, but I guess it’s only been a little over a week. But I suppose a lot has happened since then.

So the nation decided to keep the Supreme Idiot around for 4 more years. Not really sure how more than half of the nation could think that was a good idea. But, my dad (a republican, but not an idiot) had a good point – the democratic party must be in some serious trouble if they can’t come up with a way to beat George W, twice! I mean, come on, the man is a neanderthal! We don’t have anything better than that? I guess not. Hopefully we can pull it together for the next election… and hopefully W doesn’t wreck the ENTIRE country before then, not to mention the rest of the world’s opinion of us. I tell you though, Canada is looking more and more appealing every year (as memories of sophomore year at LHS dance in my head…)

Anyhow, school’s been going well, I’m getting more into the swing of things around here. I’ve been out to New Bolton a couple of times to do large animal stuff, and so far I’ve held a baby pig, and done physical exams on horses, goats, sheep, cows, and a llama 🙂 It’s much fun, I love the large animal stuff.

This weekend was cool, but slightly exhausting. I drove up to Boston to try on bridesmaid dresses for MB’s wedding 🙂 I got to see most of my BU crew, and be girly with the wedding planning 🙂 I also stopped home in CT for a night and got to see my family and my dogs, which was great (except the dogs are all getting fat! everyone feeds them too much while I’m away!) I did end up in Delaware on the way home from CT, which was not good… I was driving along the NJ turnpike, blasting my music, singing away, and I must have missed my exit for Philly… next thing I knew, I was heading over the Delaware bridge… so I missed Philly by like 30 miles. Oops. I got home in time to finish my lab report, though, so all was fine. But next time I’m headed that way I’ll have to pay better attention.

So, now I’m a bit behind on work, but it was worth it. All I have to do is buckle down until thanksgiving so I can actually rest while I’m on my all-too-short vacation. After thanksgiving the exams come fast and furious, and I want to be ready this time… unlike the craziness which was October. But that’s a lofty goal, especially for a procrastinator by design. But we shall see.

That’s all for now, I’ve got to get back to anatomy…


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