Posted by: yogavet | November 1, 2004

fun times? in vet school?

Yay for going to bed EARLY 🙂

This weekend was absolutely fabulous, but I think it made me miss my life before vet school. I had been fine with studying pretty much all the time, but this weekend I remembered what it was like to go out and have fun on the weekends. :-p It’s amazing. And it was a gorgeous weekend on top of it, and I went hiking with my roomate and her dog at the Wissahicken Valley… and it was just great. And now it’s monday, and we have our biochem research presentation tomorrow, and a lab report to write this week, and so much anatomy reading to catch up on, and… yeah. Back to the grind. But at least I got a reprieve for one weekend. And actually I get one next weekend, too… I’m driving up to Massachusetts (back to massachusetts… to your golden days… where they tuck you in at night…) to try on bridesmaid dresses for MB’s wedding! Craziness… but I’m really excited to see my girls again, and join in on the wedding planning festivities. I feel slightly out of the loop down here. So that will be good, too 🙂 But I’m certainly going to pay for all this fun in the weeks to come. But that’s alright. I’m learning that no matter what I need to make time for myself, or I’m going to go insane. Best to learn that now, it’s only going to get worse out in practice.

Alright. Bedtime. Trying to get enough sleep so I don’t drag through my days. It’s amazing how that helps. :-p

Oh – and y’all better vote tomorrow! I don’t care who you vote for, but if you sit on your ass and don’t go to the polls tomorrow, you have no right to complain to anyone about who becomes president. And that’s the most fun thing about being an American, so VOTE!


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