Posted by: yogavet | October 25, 2004

mmm, placenta, the scent of life…

Oooh vet school.

Just taking a moment to unwind before I get to bed… I really tried to get some serious studying done tonight, but I got through one lecture and then realized we had bills coming up that needed to be paid, which ended up as an hour long venture into who-has-paid-what, which led nicely into checkbook balancing, which hasn’t been done in over a month… so not very much work got done, in fact. Ah well. At least the bills are paid, they’re not gonna shut off our heat.

Today was mostly lecture-filled, but we did have one interesting lab that included looking at all sorts of placentas… :-p We have a slightly eccentric prof (who is really quite cool and a great lecturer, I think) who is really into repro stuff (as in, slighly obsessed… but aren’t we all?), and she brought in a placentas from a cow, horse, pig, cat, and dog. (Poor oblivious tech guy that walked into the lab, which was supposed to be empty, and saw a woman in a labcoat up to her wrists in bloody placenta, with 20 students huddled around… his face was priceless…) It was actually very interesting, but the smell was not so pleasant… she kept apologizing for that, because, as she put it, a fresh placenta smells wonderful – “the scent of life” – and doesn’t stink at all :-p Needless to say, these were not so “fresh”. :-p But it was still cool, and she’s probably one of my favorite profs so far.

Tomorrow my group starts our week on the goat dissection (we switch off, one week on the horse, one week on the goat, until the end of the semester or so)… and then it’s off to New Bolton to palpate some cows! :-p I’m kind of nervous about that, cows are not my forte. But I suppose if I’m going to fancy myself a large animal vet I better get used to them quick. We’re also doing some horse ultra-sound, which should be quite cool. I just love going out there… if all of our classes could be out at New Bolton, I would be in heaven. Probably not so for most of my classmates, though :-p

Alright, time for some sleep, Felix is starting to get demanding… if I’m not in bed by 11 or so to cuddle with him he gets a bit pissy…


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