Posted by: yogavet | August 28, 2004

orientation, check.

Well, I survived orientation 🙂 Actually it was pretty boring, lots of “get ready for anatomy to own your life” and “don’t walk around by yourself late at night”, etc. The good part was I met a bunch of people from my class, and everyone I met was really cool. It’s funny being in a big group of vet students, though. It’s like, all my life I was this crazy animal girl, and now I’m finally with my own kind… :-p So we all sit around and talk about our animals and their little idiosyncrasies, and everyone just totally relates. It’s really funny. All in all I think we have a really good class, everyone seems to want to get to know everyone else, so far there doesn’t seem to be cliques or anything like that. Which is cool. I like the whole one big happy family thing :-p

Last night we went to a frat party thrown by the vet school fraternity, Alpha Psi. It was cool, but not in a regular frat party sort of way (but you already figured that, right?) They’ve got this big fenced in backyard (huge for Philly, actually) and there were LOTS of dogs 🙂 (Last year there was a goat and a pig,too, but no such luck this year…) We’re still all trying to get to know each other, so there was a lot of just standing around talking, but it was cool like that.

Some of my furniture came yesterday… I had ordered a really cheap desk and bookshelf from, and I set out this morning to put it together. The bookshelf went together great (it’s massive, which is awesome, cause I have way too many books…) but the desk was broken. Grr. I had been really set on getting everything set up before classes started. So I think I’m gonna try to bring it back to the walmart that’s right outside the city, and get another one, either there or at the Ikea that’s right next door. Very irritated about that, though. Stupid walmart.

So, that’s all for now. Gonna keep trying to get my room set up (desk or no desk… ::grumble, grumble::) Classes start Tuesday, with anatomy from 9am-1pm… they weren’t kidding when they said that anatomy would own our lives….


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