Posted by: yogavet | August 4, 2004

hot and hairy

Whew, what a day. I’ve been guzzling water all evening and I still feel dehydrated. Why is it always on the hottest, muggiest days that somehow we end up wrestling with every animal at every house we go to? I definitely earned my pay today. Which is good, though, because sometimes I feel bad when I get payed for essentially riding around in a truck and watching my boss do stuff. Today I worked. :-p I also scored a fat lip from a mastiff – actually he’s a really sweet boy, it was more like a “love-nudge” from him… you know that thing some dogs do when they’re really excited to see you and they kinda push their snout at you like they’re gonna lick you, but they don’t, they just nudge? Only he’s 120#’s of muscle, so it just about knocked me over. :-p Gotta love big dogs.

I spent some time cleaning my room tonight, and everyone who noticed this (well, everyone being my mom and rachael…) asked if I was packing. Which kind of made me nervous. Should I be packing? I mean, I’m leaving in a little under 2 weeks (wow, that’s incredibly scary) but I haven’t even considered packing. I’m sort of the type of person that would pack most of my stuff in one day. That might not be healthy when I’m moving 6 hours away… but I’m such a procrastinator I know there’s no way I could do it now. Eh. It’ll get done. If I have to lose sleep to do it (haha, always my mantra… “sleep can wait. it’ll get done.” :-p It’s how I got through BU…)

Alright, time for sleep. Another long day tomorrow, but at least it shouldn’t be too hot… says thunderstorms. At this point I much prefer that to stifling heat and humidity you can cut with a knife. Although with my luck we’ll have scheduled every neurotic dog terrified of storms … 🙂


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