Posted by: yogavet | August 1, 2004

Happy Birthday to Tay Tay….

Whee! My sis turned 20 today, we had a very fun day. My new-found good eating habits went right out the window, though… I don’t know how that girl stays so skinny – whenever I spend the day with her and her best friend, I eat more crap than I do all week. :-p We went to “You’ve Got to be Beading” and made pretty jewelry, and went to dinner at Olive Garden – and ate WAY too much food. I can’t even believe we put away as much as we did. The waiter was amazed. 🙂

Back to work tomorrow… 2 more weeks at work and then PHILLY! I can’t believe it’s this close. Crazy. I started reading my anatomy text yesterday… read about 6 pages. :-p Gonna have to get moving at a faster pace than that if I’m gonna be okay this fall… haha. But I guess it’s good to get back into it slowly.

Someone offered me a 10 week old mixed-breed (mostly pit) puppy yesterday… she was so cute, I was tempted to take her. If I had a place closer to school I probably would have. She was mostly black with a white nose, white chest and white feet, and brindle on her legs. Really cute, and really sweet. ::frown:: One of these days I’ll get a puppy… just not today.

Alright, I suppose I should get to sleep. But maybe first I’ll play a little old school Super Mario Brothers 2 🙂 Sometimes I love that my sister is an ebay addict… ::grin::


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