Posted by: yogavet | July 31, 2004

past my bedtime

Blech. Do you ever stay up for no reason other than you just don’t feel like going to sleep? I do this all the time… no particular reason, just surfing the web and doing nothing. Procrastination of sleep is really the lowest form of procrastination… it’s quite sad.

Anyhow, had a pretty uneventful week. Only worked half of it, but I was sick and hacking my brains out for most of it. Whenever I’m sick I get sort of fuzzy-headed, which is not always the greatest thing when you’re trying to fill prescriptions, hold naughty kitties for blood draws, etc. So I ended up handing my boss eye ointment today that was about 2 years expired… it’s a good thing she checked up on me. Also managed to scare the bejesus out of more than a few animals by coughing (violently) at inopportune times. Fortunately the weekend is here and I’m beginning to feel better, so I can recover fully and be healthy come Monday. Hopefully 🙂

The count-down has started for real… I leave for Philly in a little over 2 weeks. I’m so not ready… I have so many things to think about, pack, buy… so frightening. Felix (my cat) is coming with me, and I still haven’t gotten him used to riding in the car. So, let me ammend that: Felix is coming with me so long as he goes in the cat carrier and we both survive the test-car rides. As far as I know he has never been in a car. We tried to put him in a carrier once (anti-freeze emergency) but we were panicky and stressed and he bolted… so we had to assume he didn’t get into the stuff (we had other critters to get to the vet, and he was the lowest on the ingestion-possibility list). So we haven’t tried to get him in a carrier since. :-p (Our vet – my boss – comes to the house, so that isn’t an issue for routine things) So that’s just one thing that hasn’t been dealt with that’s gonna get crammed in the next 2 weeks. Eek. I can feel my blood pressure rising already.

I should probably go and get some sleep, since we’re heading up to the lake tomorrow and I’ll be doing lots of active things (yay for kayaking!). Of course, I’ll probably be surfing the web for a while yet… it takes me a while to tear away from (so addicted). Ah well.


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