Posted by: yogavet | July 26, 2004

funny story

Alright, so, let’s just get this out in the open. I am not a vet. Not yet, anyway. If all goes to plan, I will hopefully be a vet in about four years. But even then I won’t have the power to diagnose (or even treat!) over the *phone* or just by casually looking at an animal…. as people seem to think I can do now. :-p People who know full well I haven’t even STARTED vet school still seem to want to sneak it into the conversation… “my cat has this limp, what do you think?” or even “my dog can’t breath, what should I do??” (!) I never say much more than “I think you should see a vet…” unless it’s a close family member or friend and it’s something I feel pretty confident about (like, something really, really basic…) And even then I repeat over and over that I don’t, actually, know what I am talking about, and they should really see a vet. Just in case they forgot. So, now that I’ve got that out of the way…

My mother heard today from someone she hasn’t heard from since she was in high school… she used to babysit for this lady’s kids way back then. Anyway, this woman calls my out of the blue, and said she had heard that “your daughter’s a vet… do you think she could feed my cats while I’m in Florida in February?” … I nearly died laughing…. It’s not so weird that she thought I was a vet, since I’ve been getting that since I got into vet school (“so, you’re a vet now, right?” as if acceptance to vet school was all it took – *poof*, you’re a vet!) What I thought was hysterical is that her first thought was that I should come catsit for her! Does she normally employ vets to feed her cats? She can’t just get the neighborhood teenager to feed them? I mean, doesn’t she think vets have more pressing things to do? My mom replied that not only I am not a vet, but I also wouldn’t be around in February to feed her cats… and that she’d try to help her find someone, but she couldn’t gaurantee it would be someone with a degree in veterinary medicine. Hehe. It takes all kinds, I guess… but, yeah. Very strange.

That’s all for tonight. I don’t have to work tomorrow, so I’m going to go to sleep and try to get rid of this cold that I’ve somehow acquired. I never get sick! Blast…


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